3:2 Accounting Program

The 3:2 accounting program is designed so that students can earn an undergraduate degree as well as a master's in accountancy in just five years. The integrated program begins with three years of undergraduate study, resulting in a bachelor's degree in business management. The next year is a mixture of simultaneous business management coursework and master's coursework, followed by a final year of master's coursework.

Students who begin the accountancy program as undergraduates will graduate, upon completion of all requirements, with both a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a Master of Accountancy. The entire curriculum consists of 150 semester hours, and students are required to meet all Rocky Mountain College degree requirements.

Current RMC undergraduate students and undergraduate transfers to RMC are subject to a two-tiered admission process to the master's program. Students are first permitted to enroll in graduate-level courses (typically for the fourth year of study). Then, contingent upon sufficient academic progress, they are admitted to the Master of Accountancy program for the final two semesters of study.

To be permitted to enroll in graduate-level courses, students must have completed 90 semester hours of college-level credit with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or above. The 90 earned credits must include the following: ACC 210, ECO 205, MAT 210, ACC 309, ACC 323, ACC 351, ACC 352 and BSA 311. The cumulative GPA for these courses must be 3.00 or above, and all must be passed with a grade of "C-" or higher.

Upon completing 124 college-level credits, candidates are eligible for formal admission to the Master of Accountancy program. To be admitted, candidates must have completed two semesters of graduate level courses and be in good academic standing. Students taking graduate level accounting courses must have a member of the accounting faculty as an academic advisor.

Master of Accountancy with Bachelor of Science in Business Management

Curriculum and Requirements

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