RMC Transcripts transcripts

To order an official RMC transcript, click the green button and scroll down to click "Start" at the bottom of the ordering page. Orders typically take 4 business days to process, not including delivery time. See How to Order an Official RMC Transcript for more information.

Students may access unofficial transcripts via CampusPortal.

A transcript is a comprehensive record of your academic progress, including transfer courses, credit earned by exam, and earned degrees. Official transcripts include the college seal (unless an electronic copy is requested) and the signature of the registrar. Your name appears on your transcript as it appears on your college record. Name changes can be made, with appropriate documentation, through the Office of Student Records.

Submitting Transcripts from Other Institutions to RMC

To submit a transcript with transfer or dual-enrollment credits to Rocky Mountain College, contact the college or university that awarded the college credit and request an official transcript to be sent to Rocky Mountain College in Billings, MT.  New incoming undergraduate students should have transcripts sent to Admissions. Current or previous undergraduate students should send transcripts to Student Records. Graduate students should have transcripts sent to the appropriate Graduate Program office.

Unofficial RMC Transcripts

An unofficial transcript lists all of a student's coursework, but does not include the college seal or the signature of the registrar. Students may access unofficial transcripts through CampusPortal. (Look for the Academics tab on the left, click on Degree Audit, and look to the right for a pdf file called "unofficial transcript.") An unofficial transcript will be released by the Office of Student Records only to the student requesting it; it cannot be released to a third party without a student's signed permission.

If there are any issues accessing your CampusPortal please contact the Office of Student Records:

Rocky Mountain College
Office of Student Records
1511 Poly Drive
Billings, MT 59102
Phone: 406.657.1030
Fax: 406.657.1169
Email: StudentRecords@rocky.edu

How to Order an Official RMC Transcript

General Information

  • Transcript requests are processed between normal business hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. MST. Processing may take longer during peak times.
  • Confirmed orders left unpaid for more than 60 days will be canceled.
  • Official transcripts are not issued to students with financial holds. You can check your hold status by visiting CampusPortal. For more information on clearing financial holds, see how to pay or call the Office of Student Accounts at 406.657.1016.

Costs for Transcripts

  • The Rocky Mountain College fee for an official transcript is $9.00
  • National Student Clearing House charges an online processing fee of $2.25
  • An additional $1.75 is charged for an electronic PDF delivery
  • Rush FedEx fee is $34.00

Delivery Options

  • You may ask for your transcript to be held until your degree or your grades for the current semester are recorded.
  • You may have your transcripts sent via electronic PDF delivery. There is an additional $1.75 processing fee for electronic delivery.
  • You may request overnight delivery of your official transcripts, with an additional expense. The Office of Student Records uses Federal Express; other delivery services may be used if you make arrangements with the delivery service in advance. Payment for overnight delivery must be made with a separate check or by credit card. The deadline for requesting overnight delivery is 12:00 p.m. MST.
  • Faxed transcripts are official when sent to another college or college in Montana due to a reciprocity agreement. A faxed transcript may not be considered to be official by some recipients. It is the responsibility of the student to ask the college/university in Montana if they accept faxed transcripts as "official."
  • You may request your own official transcript issued to you in a sealed envelope; the transcript will be issued in an envelope with "Issued to Student" and "Unofficial if Opened" stamped across the back flap. You may also request that it be mailed directly to another institution.
  • If you request that your transcript be on "Hold for Pick-Up":
    • You must present a state-issued photo ID or passport when picking up your transcript.
    • Wait to be notified by email; when your transcript is ready, you may pick it up at the Office of Student Records located in Eaton Hall on the Rocky Mountain College campus during normal business hours.
    • You may authorize a third party to pick up your official transcripts in a sealed envelope.
      • If you would like to designate someone other than yourself to pick up your transcript please note their name in the "special instructions" box.
      • They will need to bring a state-issued photo ID or passport that identifies the third party as the person identified via your transcript request.

Online Order Help

  • To order online, log on to the secure transcript order system through National Student Clearinghouse. Scroll down an click the green "Start" button at the bottom of the ordering page. Do not attempt to fill in the "Track Your Order" information - this will be generated by the system.
  • Rocky Mountain College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide official transcript ordering online.
  • Pay with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. There is an additional $2.25 processing fee.
  • The online transcript process requires an electronic signature from the student in order for RMC to release the student's records.
  • If you need help or have questions about ordering transcripts online, contact the National Student Clearinghouse at transcripts@studentclearinghouse.org or call 703.742.7791.

Release of Student Records

All records submitted for a student's file become the property of the College and a part of the student's permanent record. High school transcripts, transcripts from other colleges, test scores, immunization records, and other similar documents are not duplicated for any reason to any person and/or institution, including the student.

Student Privacy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (Buckley Amendment) (FERPA), sets forth the guidelines for the release of student records to other parties. Under this federal law, students have the right to inspect their records and correct any inaccuracies that might be found in them. Access to the record by anyone other than the student is limited and generally requires prior written consent by the student. The College will maintain confidential records, in accordance with FERPA.

Questions about the College's release of student education records policies should be directed to:

Rocky Mountain College
Office of Student Records
1511 Poly Drive
Billings, MT 59102
Phone: 406.657.1030
Fax: 406.657.1169
Email: StudentRecords@rocky.edu