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Request for On-Campus Housing 

As soon as you have submitted your $250 new student deposit, your admission counselor will send you the necessary forms to request your preferred residence hall room.

Residence halls work on a first-come, first-serve basis, so the earlier you make your new student deposit and return your housing forms, the more likely you are to receive your top-choice room selection. 

You will receive notification of your room type and roommate information in July. The residence life and admission staff work hard to ensure you receive the best possible match on your roommate/s. The staff meets together to review your housing forms and discuss each student individually until the best match is found.

To find out more about the different residence hall options and what to expect while living on campus, visit the residence life site.

Dining on Campus Rocking Dining

Rocky Mountain College requires that all students living in Widenhouse Hall or Anderson Hall to have either a Carte Blanche Meal Plan or a 10-Meal Plan. Students living in Rimview Hall, Jorgenson Hall, and off campus are welcome to purchase a meal plan; however, it is not required. 

The newly renovated dining room has many new features, including a new look with brand new seating, tables, counters, and flooring. One of the newest additions to the dining room is the My Zone Allergy Free area, which caters to guests with peanut, tree nut, and gluten allergies. In addition to the new allergy area, there is a new Chef's Table station, featuring fresh made-to-order entrees, and a new soup, salad, and sandwich station.

For more information on the dining services and meal plans, click here.