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Hessler retires after 25 years of helping RMC human resources

BILLINGS, July 22, 2014 – After 25 years of work at Rocky Mountain College, Cindy Hessler is retiring at the end of July to take time for herself and family. 

“I love the college, love what I do, love the people,” she said.

She has had lots of stress in her life the last few years, she said, since her husband was caught in a welding fire in February 2013 at his auto-body shop. Though her husband was in a Denver hospital for three months with extensive third-degree burns, he has since become a windshield chip specialist and will be certified soon in windshield replacement. “I just feel it’s the right time in my life to make a change,” she said.

“I’ve had some awesome bosses,” Hessler said, beginning with Linda Hendricks, David Orser, Sharon Meyer, and other names over the past 25 years. She says she learned “so much from everyone.” She said there are too many people to list that she’s “really going to miss.” 

When Hessler began in July 1989 with the job title of “secretary,” she assisted the vice president for administration and finance. A few years later, she moved into human resources, where she and one co-worker completed all payroll, benefits, recruiting, and HR. 

Her most satisfying perspective, she said, is “knowing that we’re able to help the customer, whether student, faculty, staff, or the public.” Her door is always open, even during payroll. She really enjoys working to make things happen, she noted, to “be proactive rather than reactive.”

Thus she “really appreciate[s] people who have their papers and materials in order.” Of course, those people visit her less than others.

She has enjoyed the recent changes at the College, she said. “Bob [President Bob Wilmouth] is improving communication” at RMC, she noted. “Every leadership brings new perspective that moves us from one level to the next.”

When Hessler departs July 31, Tracy Czudak, an accountant in the business office, will be working on HR functions. Czudak told Cindy, “I’ll have you on speed dial.”

Heather Tranquillo, accounting/payroll clerk, continues to help the RMC community with human resources work. Hessler said, “Heather’s really good with helping the students complete the online process and employment paperwork for work study. We’re very customer service-oriented in HR.”

And what are Cindy’s plans? She said she’ll start on projects such as cleaning out fire items from the garage, then she’ll tackle projects in the house: “At home, there’s just so much to do.”